Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys

Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys
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Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys
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Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys


Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys

General Description

  With the fast development of modern aerospace industry,higher requirements for the comprehensive properties of high strength aluminum alloys are put forward. Meanwhile,the development of modern nuclear industry,transportation industry also need a high performance,lightweight and economic structural material.Baienwei has been in developing super high strength aluminum alloys with a greatly raised strength,excellent toughness and corrosion resistance for many years.Baienwei super high strength aluminum alloys provide the highest mechanical strength of all currently aluminum alloys matching that of most of steel and titanium alloys. Baienwei super high strength alloys offer a tensile strength of up to 850 MPa, good ductility and corrosion resistance similar to Al7075. Super high strength aluminum alloy is not only the aircraft major structure material for carrier rocket,spaceship and space station,but also one of the important structure materials for weapon system,for example,missile.Nowadays, super high strength aluminum alloy are also widely used in high performance engine components.Typical uses are:aircraft components,gear boxes, axles, fuse parts, instrument axles,missiles parts,valves,turbo parts etc.

Metallographic Structure Comparison


Rapid Solidification 7075 Metallographic MicrostructureConventional Casting 7075 Metallographic Microstructure

  From the metallographic structure comparison between rapid solidification 7055/7075 aluminum alloys and casting material,we can obviously find:the internal organization of rapid solidification material is smaller and grain boundary is cleaner with fewer precipitates.

  The grain size of rapid solidification 7075 is 3-10μm, while the castings is 80-300μm.The refinement of grain could effectively enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of material.

  From above pictures,we can learn that Baienwei superhard aluminum alloys have obvious dimples.Dimple is one of  the most obvious features to measure the strength of material.What’s more,the thick-walled tubes present more ductile fracture features than thin-walled tubes.


Mechanical Properties Comparison:


Tensile Strength MPa

Yield Strength MPa

Hardness HB

Elongation %

Conventional casting 7xxx Al





Rapid solidification 7xxx Al





Physical Properties Comparison:

7000 Aluminum Alloys

Grain Size

Segregation Degree



Stress Corrosion Resistance

Conventional casting 


generate macro segregation


poor ductility


Rapid solidification 


no macro segregation


high ductility

3-5 times of common
7000 aluminum alloys